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This magazine is about online games. Those who are interested in playing online games will find this magazine very informative. Here you can learn about the latest game releases, game reviews, and more.

Our number of visitors is increasing, and we want them to keep reading our magazine. That’s why we want to provide them with richer content that they will find useful. We are looking for new writers to bring fresh perspectives to the magazine. If you are a gamer and play lots of online games, then you can become part of our team.

We want the new writers to write interesting articles on the niche. We expect them to go through our archive and have a look at the articles that we have published already. The articles must be about online games, reviews of games, news about the release of new games, developers, graphic designers, and more. You can write about the features of these online games and which devices you need to play these games.

Some of these games are paid and some are unpaid. You can write about the difference between these games. Most people opt for free games, but there are disadvantages of these games too and you can talk about it here. You can explain how the free game developers earn money.

As a writer for our magazine, you need to make sure that your articles are plagiarism-free. You should ensure that you check for grammatical errors before submitting the articles. You must follow the guideline we provide for writing articles.

The articles must have interesting headings so that the readers feel encouraged to read the whole article. The paragraphs must be short so that the articles are easily readable. Once you decide to write for us, you need to submit your CV and a sample writing to us. If we like your writing, then we will ask you to join us.