Online gaming is a favourite pastime activity for many people today. If you are into online gaming, then you should read blogs on it so that you know about the latest online games that are released, the technology used, and much more. Here are some of the best blogs you can read on online games.

Guardian Games Blog

This blog is like a newspaper on online games. It includes news, interviews, research, and more. It is a thought-provoking blog where you will get news of the latest games. If you are unsure which game to try, you should read this blog.


This is a good blog for online game lovers. Here you will know about every bit and piece of online gaming. The readers automatically become members of their forum where they can express their thoughts and give feedback as well. It is a very well-designed blog and includes topics like PC gaming, Xbox One, offers, etc.


This blog is not only about online games. It’s also about the gamers and the developers. That’s why the blog has a lot of visitors. The readers learn about the game developers, what features they include in the game, the experience of the gamers, and more.


This blog publishes gaming news, reviews, guides, and more. They write game reviews multiple times from different perspectives and situations. The readers get to comment on the posts. So, you can discuss anything on this platform. The blog focuses on video games and the latest news about them.


Here you will find gaming reviews, tips on playing different games, news, and more. The authors of the blog talk about gaming software, technology, and developers. There are videos on relevant topics as well.


This blog focuses on the business of gaming. The blog is loved by gaming professionals. If you want to learn how a game is created, then you should read this blog. Here you will get articles related to layout, art, programming, marketing, and other aspects of game creation. There is a section for jobseekers in this industry.

These blogs are very useful for gamers. They will learn a lot about game creation, game reviews, and other things related to online games. You must read these blogs to enhance your knowledge about online games.