What is MyUK?

Create a country to call your own

MyUK puts you at the centre of British politics. As prime minister, you have a fresh 5-year term to lead your government.

Choose and pass new laws, customise your country and pursue your personal vision of the UK.

Imagine. Create. Share your country.

Welcome to Britain’s top job. What can you do as prime minister in MyUK? You can…

  • Appoint your friends to the cabinet – log in through Facebook, make ministers of your mates and pass laws to shape your UK.
  • Top the lawmaking high-score table – create new rules for your country in three competitive mini-games.
  • Give Britain a national makeover – re-imagine the Union Flag, design a national monument, put your face on the £2 coin and much more.
  • Discover your leadership style – are you courageous or entrepreneurial? Warm-hearted or visionary?
  • Share your prime ministerial brilliance – tell the world about your UK via Facebook and Twitter, and check out your friends' versions.

It's your country, your rules

You’re the PM. So you're in charge… Or are you?

Your ministers will present you with ideas for reshaping your country. There are 50 unusual and innovative ways of changing Britain.

Ideas come from all over, but it's you who decides which will go before Parliament. So you might choose to:

  • Deliver an election promise and offer hair-raising modes of public transport to adrenaline junkies.
  • Seek to raise community spirits by funding massive national sing-alongs.
  • Clean up the seas around Britain with a pioneering invention: the gigantic UK-Irish ocean filter.

Whichever ideas you choose, you'll need to persuade the House of Commons and the House of Lords to agree before your proposals can be turned into laws.

Successfully navigate Britain's choppy political waters and you can realise your very own UK.

A less-than-serious look at a serious business

MyUK is a playful activity that lets you reshape Britain with some far-fetched proposals. This isn't to say, however, that politics are trivial, or that our country doesn’t face challenging issues.

In politics, dealing with serious matters often means (though not always) making new laws to tackle them. Debate over, say, a new crime or education law can cause heated discussion across society.

However, just behind the arguments over particular political issues, there’s another story to tell - that of the lawmaking process itself.

Every year new laws are made that affect every corner of society, from businesses to families to the environment. These laws don't just emerge from nowhere.

So where do they come from? Who decides which ideas are made into law, and which aren’t? How are new laws approved or amended or even defeated? These are important questions in understanding the way our country is run.

So while the real residents of Number 10 and the Houses of Parliament might not rush to pass the Pavement Rage Bill (establishing passing lanes to deal with dawdling tourists), MyUK does provide a fun way into learning about the principles and patterns that lie behind lawmaking in the UK.

Where to learn more about lawmaking

We are creating special resources to support MyUK and give you a gateway into learning about lawmaking in the real world.

Are you teaching political literacy?

MyUK is an informal digital learning activity designed to encourage young people to express their creativity while exploring the political context in which UK laws are made.

Teachers’ notes and resources

We'd also love to hear about your ideas for using MyUK for political education.

Use the ‘Facebook-free’ MyUK

MyUK lets players share their progress by logging in to Facebook. We know access to social-networking sites is limited within many schools so we've provided a 'Facebook-free' version, available at:

Personal data, tracking and statistics gathering

Elements of MyUK allow you to connect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share your successes and customise your UK.

Your personal data and MyUK progress

Your progress through MyUK is automatically saved, either via Facebook - if you choose to connect this way - or on your local computer. Please also note:

  • Your computer registers whether you've played MyUK before using a Local Shared Object, also known as a Flash cookie.
  • If you connect via Facebook, MyUK saves your progress to the MyUK server, including your Facebook user ID number, your avatar name, your chosen Cabinet friends' avatar names and the contents of any free text fields. The secure MyUK server is located in the EEA.
  • If you do not connect via Facebook, your progress is automatically stored on your computer using a Local Shared Object, also known as a Flash cookie.

No other personal information is stored or used by MyUK.

Google Analytics tracking

MyUK uses Google Analytics to collect statistics about how players are progressing through the activity.

This non-personal usage information is being gathered to help us better understand how MyUK is being used.

Data protection

MyUK was commissioned by the UK Parliament’s Education Service, on behalf of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The House of Commons and the House of Lords take information security and their obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) seriously.

The personal information detailed above will be processed and stored in accordance with the DPA.

If you have any concerns about the collection or use of your information, please contact us at: education@parliament.uk

About MyUK

MyUK was created by Parliament's Education Service and the award-winning games studio Preloaded.

Shortlisted for the 2012 Peer Awards for Excellence, MyUK is also a silver winner of the E-Learning Award for best learning game.

If you'd like to know more about MyUK get in touch at: education@parliament.uk

MyUK: Play it now!

Take charge of your country at: www.createmyuk.org